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Carbon Monoxide
Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
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Safety detector that detect carbon monoxide, temperature and humidity in residential environment and informs the user about potential hazards through mobile app D-Connect, sound and light signals. D-Fire can be used as a single station or multiple station alarm. The detector is connected to the cloud services and allows the user to track the current values of the environmental parameters measured by the sensor and shows statistics for a certain period of time through mobile applications.

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Safety as a Part of Life


D-Connect is the mobile App for yours devices from Detecta. It displays all your devices, which conveniently provides you quick access and allows to view information about the air condition in the various rooms or buildings in which we spend most of our time. Using the application you can monitor the current values of the measured air parameters. You can also view statistics on all the parameters for the last day. In addition, the application can define the level of the danger. For this, there are 4 levels of the air condition and each has its own color mapping. If the safe values of one of the parameters are exceeded, the application will provide recommendations and tips that will help you make the right decision in a given situation.


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